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Trio Subtonic Portland, Oregon Jazz at Vinideus in Beaumont Wilshire

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Trio Subtonic of Portland, Oregon will be playing their fun, funky Jazz at Vinideus in Beaumont Wilshire tonight.  Trio Subtonic recently played at the Mt. Hood Jazz festival and features bass, keyboard and drums.

Trio Subtonic makes music to get stuck in, to chew on, and yes, to groove. Simultaneously uplifting and weighted, expansive and collapsing, they reach across genre lines, incorporating melody and meter in an array of styles and controlled improv-isations. Dormant sounds and lush subterranean landscapes unfold; the party begins, and infectious grooves take root.

I first heard Trio Subtonic at Last Thursday on Alberta Street in Northeast Portland.  Walking by, I heard a groove that I could not stay away from, then I settled in and stayed for awhile.  What a great treat to have them play at my favorite wine bar less than one mile from the Popina Bathing Suit Shop.

For those of you who to not live in the Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood, it is worth the trip to check out a great up and coming Jazz band in an extremely intimate and cool setting at Portland’s best neighborhood wine shop Vinideus - the wine shop is like beaming yourself to the South of France, lots of people try to pull off this feel, Vinideus does it effortlessly.

Trio Subtonic Portland, Oregon Jazz

Vinideus Wine Shop

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Vinideus Wine Shop is located in Northeast Portland’s Beaumont Wilshire Neighborhood.  My sense is that Vinideus was set up to serve the immediate neighborhood, ex-pats from France and Americans who love France.

In attempting to create a French styled wine bar, there is a level of authenticity that may only be attainable from being French.  The decor is simple and warm, decorated by racks of wine, tables, a few couches and a long 10 foot bar whose top which looks like a long cross cut of a giant wine vine. 

On the weekends they always manage to attract great musicians, this past weekend, it was a duo of acoustic upright bass and fiddle.  So you find yourself in Northeast Portland and are looking for a fun escape to South of France without the jet lag, be sure to check out Vinideus and sample some of their private label wines from France and Oregon.

Live Music at VinideusVinideus Wine Shop